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Creating Opportunities
Transforming Lives

Category: Women Who Inspire

Women Who Inspire

Women Who Inspire: Sarah Przedpelska & Catalysts Norway

Sarah Przedpelska is the Program Director at Catalysts Norway, an organization that facilitates a 6-month mentorship program for newly arrived immigrant youths in Norway. By pairing these youths with a mentor, Catalysts works to address school dropout rates, societal exclusion, and integration, whilst helping target youths find their place in society and map out their

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Women Who Inspire

Women Who Inspire: Ampy Basa & Casa Basa

Casa Basa is a catering and private chef for hire company that serves a diverse range of clients, from birthdays and private home gatherings to business conferences and events. Founded by Ampy Basa, the head chef extraordinaire who creates delicious meals whilst curating a welcoming and gorgeous atmosphere that puts clients and guests at ease.

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Women Who Inspire

Women Who Inspire: Alicia Partee & Generation Mobility

In our opinion, when we think about an ‘international’ woman in Norway, whose name is a both a brand and a verb, Alicia Partee comes to mind. Alicia is a brand because she is an advocate for progress, she holds strong and defendable opinions, is all around a force of nature, and simply makes us

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Women Who Inspire

Women Who Inspire: Elizabeth Iluore & divasIT

At Diversify, we are forever smitten by women who put in the work. They never cease to amaze us. Elizabeth Iluore is a Nigerian, who arrived in Norway from the Netherlands in 2016, as a trailing spouse. Like many trailing spouses, she is highly skilled with a background in finance, she holds two Masters degrees

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Women Who Inspire

Women Who Inspire: Nikol Mard & Network for Work

Network for Work (NFW) is an organization that has been on our radar for about a year. A little while after Diversify was established, we learned about the amazing work NFW was engaged in – as a strong advocate for employment opportunities and facilitation for skilled immigrants, with a particular interest in Trailing Spouses. Nikol

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