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Creating Opportunities.
Transforming Lives.

Building Bridges
Creating Opportunities
Transforming Lives

Category: Social Issues


How to Create Emotionally Safe & Judgement Free Spaces

I recently picked up a book on diversity at the bookstore and barely four chapters in, I have made several notes – mental and written – on thoughts to further explore. One of my basic constructs of diversity (as I understand it) is that while we are seemingly different, if we listened and empathized without

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Experience Sharing

My First Time: Navigating a Racist Experience in Norway

The very first time I felt the full-fledged traumatic effects of racism was in Norway, in 2017. I went to Norway for a training course for a month. My fellow trainees and I were lodged at Vika, Oslo Central, which was a pretty decent area from what I was told. So, on one fateful afternoon

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Culture and Identity

Unemployment and Identity Crisis Among Trailing Spouses in Norway

The talks about ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ is rife on social media! Almost every company has ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ listed as one of their core values. Leaders, both political and corporate, tirelessly preach about how ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ is one of their most valued and significant commitments. Even then, there are uncountable stories of unemployment, rejection, and depression among highly educated immigrants

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Social Issues

Barnevern Crusades: The Audacity of Justice, Power and Bias.

Lately, I have been speaking to many parents and parents-to-be on their views of raising children in Norway. I ask questions around healthcare, kindergarten, standard of education, and the general welfare and state of mind of both parents and children. Most Norwegians and foreigners alike admit that the healthcare system is pretty solid. Of course,

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Culture and Identity

Is Everyone in the Room?

In Norway, I often find the concept of diversity and inclusion puzzling. It has indeed become a buzz word. The government is talking about it, the media is talking about it, startups are talking about it, and at Diversify, it is also being talked about. But how many people, conferences, startups and organizations truly, and

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Culture and Identity

Whitesplaining Color-Blindness.

Whitesplaining can be defined as the unconscious, unjustified and unassessed benefits of prejudice. It is when a white person attempts to explain a topic, often relating to matters and experiences of racism, social justice or minority culture, in an overoptimistic, inaccurate, and a self-assured manner to people of color. Or, as I like to define

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Experience Sharing

“People Like You.”

Some time ago, while exploring my possibilities of taking a paid language course for the Summer, because I am here on a working resident permit that does not qualify me for the free Norwegian courses, the attendant at the language school, clarified that there were no courses that I could currently join, as everyone was

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