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Category: Culture and Identity

Culture and Identity

Belonging and Identity: What’s Employment got to do with it?

Moving as a traumatic experience “Moving houses or apartments is one of the most traumatic experiences you can go through as a human being,” said the therapist whose name I can’t remember. “It’s no wonder you’ve had such a severe breakdown, what with moving between four countries in less than a year,” he added.  It was

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Culture and Identity

Unemployment and Identity Crisis Among Trailing Spouses in Norway

The talks about ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ is rife on social media! Almost every company has ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ listed as one of their core values. Leaders, both political and corporate, tirelessly preach about how ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ is one of their most valued and significant commitments. Even then, there are uncountable stories of unemployment, rejection, and depression among highly educated immigrants

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Culture and Identity

Is Everyone in the Room?

In Norway, I often find the concept of diversity and inclusion puzzling. It has indeed become a buzz word. The government is talking about it, the media is talking about it, startups are talking about it, and at Diversify, it is also being talked about. But how many people, conferences, startups and organizations truly, and

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Culture and Identity

Whitesplaining Color-Blindness.

Whitesplaining can be defined as the unconscious, unjustified and unassessed benefits of prejudice. It is when a white person attempts to explain a topic, often relating to matters and experiences of racism, social justice or minority culture, in an overoptimistic, inaccurate, and a self-assured manner to people of color. Or, as I like to define

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