Building Bridges.
Creating Opportunities.
Transforming Lives.

Building Bridges
Creating Opportunities
Transforming Lives

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Reflections: “Identity Across Social, Economic and Political Lines” by Fungi Gwanzura Ottemöller

The last session in our Youth Series was a phenomenal close to our 2019’s series that addressed Mental Health and Wellness. This segment focused on Identity Across Social, Economic and Political Lines and was facilitated by Fungi Gwanzura Ottemöller, an Associate Professor at Bergen University. Fungi’s research at the University focuses on Health Promotion –

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Reflections: “Enhancing Your Ability to Live an Authentic Life” with Sarah Przedpelska & Sara Pestana

Sarah Przedpelska and Sara Pestana facilitated this thoughtful session and engaged participants in the discussion of how and what we define as meaningful education. We explored how received education merges with our identities, values and interests, in building a purposeful future. The first point of discussion was on success. How we define it and what

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Women Who Inspire

Women Who Inspire: Leila Rossow & Papillon Bergen

Leila Rossow is the energetic and inspiring Founder of Papillon Bergen. Papillon is a social impact organization that works to ease the transition of foreign women in Norway. Leila moved to Norway less than a decade ago and has since built a home for herself, as well as many others that have crossed her path.

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Reflections: “Healing Through Meditation” with Rometris

Our third instalment in the Diversify Youth Series was Healing Through Meditation. At this session, participants got to deeply connect with parts of themselves as well as with each other. Rometris chose fear as the point of exploration and the subject of this particular session. The participants examined what fear meant to each of them

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Reflections: “Overcoming Mental Blocks to Manifest Opportunities” with Laverne Wyatt

On October 17, 2019, a diverse group of women gathered to hear the inspiring and colorful speaker, Laverne Wyatt from BLOOM Abroad, facilitate Diversify’s Workshop, “Overcoming Mental Blocks to Powerfully Manifest Opportunities.” In her work to support people in overcoming their mental blocks, she uses a symbol of a flower; “We Can All BLOOM.” Nonetheless,

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Reflections from Diversify’s “My Mental Health” Workshop with Alicia Partee & Sara Pestana

In this two-hour workshop facilitated by Alicia Partee (Clinical Therapist) and Sara Pestana (Family Therapist), of Generation Mobility, the participants had the chance to share the personal, practical, and emotional struggles they face as a result of relocating to Norway for example, or just life in general. They got advice both from the facilitators and

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Experience Sharing

A Week in the Life: Nikol Mard (Entrepreneur & Mother)

As women, mothers, entrepreneurs, and professionals, we are often asked “how do you do it?” How do we manage to joggle multiple projects whilst balancing life, family and friends? With strings pulling us in different directions and seemingly mounting tasks, it is no wonder that women are superheroes. We do what we need to do,

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Women Who Inspire

Women Who Inspire: Sarah Przedpelska & Catalysts Norway

Sarah Przedpelska (phonetically: pshed-pao-ska) is the Program Director at Catalysts Norway, an organization that facilitates a 6-month mentorship program for newly arrived immigrant youths in Norway. By pairing these youths with a mentor, Catalysts works to address school dropout rates, societal exclusion, and integration, whilst helping target youths find their place in society and map

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Culture and Identity

Belonging and Identity: What’s Employment got to do with it?

Moving as a traumatic experience “Moving houses or apartments is one of the most traumatic experiences you can go through as a human being,” said the therapist whose name I can’t remember. “It’s no wonder you’ve had such a severe breakdown, what with moving between four countries in less than a year,” he added.  It was

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