Building Bridges.
Creating Opportunities.
Transforming Lives.

Building Bridges
Creating Opportunities
Transforming Lives


Diversify is an initiative that works to collaboratively determine success and personal growth for often overlooked groups of people in Norway and the world at large. Our belief of diversity as a resource cements our work on projects that elucidate the human condition with regards to diversity, inclusion, integration, employment opportunity, mental health and wellness.


We aim to foster a growing, supportive and judgment free community that thrives on empathy and human progress. We are hands-on in our approach and believe that people can become better if they have the resources and knowledge to do so. Our primary goal is to provide the platform and resources to enable and support their growth. Our immediate area of focus is to elevate the condition and experiences of all people (and particularly those of foreign backgrounds) in Norway. As Diversify continues to evolve, we will support our projects through data-driven research and  measure the impacts of our projects as it begins to impact on target groups and stakeholders across industry and socio-economic sectors.

How We Engage


We host events, workshops and panel debates that calls attentions to different issues our target groups experience. We partner with other organisations, companies and entrepreneurs to provide relevant training, skills building, mentorship, and employment opportunity to people, and women in particular.

Diversify Research


We conduct systematic data-driven investigations on topics that affect our target groups. We collaborate with private and public stakeholders to establish facts and reach new conclusions on research on Welfare, Culture, Inclusion, Diversity, Women Empowerment, Immigrants, Entrepreneurship and Employment.



Our Blog is a sharing platform that encourages people to share their stories and experiences as a way to heal, connect, grow and make progress. We also interview inspiring people and organisations to highlight their amazing work and learn from their experiences. We encourage diverse topics and insights.

Diversify Gatherings

Social Gatherings

We host social gatherings, usually over food or another activity (i.e. Yoga, Painting) as a way to facilitate network and build community, whilst discussing relevant topics. We collaborate with individuals (i.e. Chefs, Artists, Instructors) and organisations to successfully execute these events.

Our Values




Continous Learning






Focus Areas

Diverse Workforce

Network Building

Inclusive Society


Data Driven Research

Mental Health

Integrated Wellbeing

Sexual & Reproductive Health

Collaborators & Friends

Partner With Us?

We believe that it takes a village to create lasting impact. If you are interested in partnering with us in any capacity, we are interested in talking to you to explore how we may collaborate. Please get in touch.

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We are interested in stakeholders who can positively contribute to the livelihood and wellbeing of immigrants.

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